The Goo

The Goo is Dublin’s newest print magazine dedicated to music and clubbing and provides a comprehensive What’s On listings guide along with an exciting array of features, interviews, reviews, previews and human interest stories illuminating the vibrant entertainment scene in Dublin. The monthly publication offers an enjoyable mix of gig & club previews & reviews, album & single reviews, features, Q&A’s and a few quirky columns by some amazing writers, musicians and industry folk in a style that’s punchy, light hearted and informative.


The magazine’s ethos is, first and foremost, to promote the amazing talent we have in this country. From rock to folk, classical to metal, indie to electronic and all in between, The Goo shines a light on the incredible musicians, DJ’s, writers, producers, tech staff, venues and industry personnel that provide so many people with fantastic nights of live music and clubbing throughout the year in our booming city.

Circulation: 10,000 copies / month
Release rate: 12 issues / year
Distribution: There are over 500 distribution points for The Goo across the Northside and the Southside, both in the city centre and throughout the city’s suburbs.
Editor: John Brereton –
Advertising and partnerships: Kevin Gibbons –
Publisher: Stefan Hallenius –