Totally Cork

– The culture seekers guide to the city

Covering a range of topics from the city and county, in terms of people, in terms of businesses, in terms of buildings, in terms of spaces, in terms of politics - the whole living, breathing mess of it. Totally Cork is informed, intelligent and irreverent. It is neither populist nor elitist. It has many moods, but it is at turns discerning, inquisitive and often celebratory of talent, either indigenous or from those that have come to find their home in Cork.

Totally Cork
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    • Circulation: 10,000 copies per issue
    • Release rate: 5 issues per year (March, May, July, Sep & Nov)
    • Distribution: 200 citywide locations including hotels, social hangouts, and colleges
    • Managing Editor: Editor Peter Christensen -
    • Advertising: Kevin Gibbons -
    • Publisher: Stefan Hallenius –